Richard Gutierrez as Zorro?

With the highly-touted launching and big media event, this is all in the papers and TV. And this one quite surprised me. A pretty-boy Amboy like Richard Gutierrez to play Zorro? I’ve been a fan of Zorro especially with the role played by Antonio Banderas in “The Mask of Zorro” (shown in photo). Now THAT’s Zorro!

He’s got the “brusko” image to pull it off. I think he’s simply the best. I suppose the Spanish blood in him is a factor. Richard Gutierrez pales (literally as in really 'pale') and looks pussy-wuss by comparison.

Among the local actors, I was expecting Richard Gomez to fit the bill. Did GMA-7 perhaps think he’s too old for the role? Well, Banderas played the role well at his age. I’d rather have that than someone who looks like a pretty-boy “totoy” out of college. GMA-7 declares spending so much for this production especially for Gutierrez’s training in fencing and horseback-riding and so much more.

Well, Richard Gomez IS a fencer and a bemedalled one at that! The guy won gold in the 2003 Vietnam SEA games. He’s a Pinoy athlete in many events. As a multi-awarded actor, I certainly believe Gomez outshines Gutierrez. So why not him?

I think Richard Gutierrez should just stick to portraying “spoiled brat” roles in the movies.

p.s. Yeah, I know, this is a digression from my usual entries. But we all need a diversion sometimes, yes?

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