Itlog Ti Abuos

Last week, my mother-in-law came from her home province of Ilocos Norte and brought this, among the usual pasalubongs.

And "usual", this is not. These are ant eggs and this dish is considered a delicacy among Ilocanos. Locally, these giant ants are called "hantik" while Ilocanos call them "buos" or "abuos". Hey, did you know that the Thais also have a dish made of the giant ants? Anyway this number of eggs already costs around Php200.

I've been hearing about this special dish a long time ago and kept kidding DH if Ilocanos also made "Leche Flan" out of these eggs. :) It's quite good and tasty though just a bit sour. The taste reminds me of the "Alige ng Talangka". Needless to say, this dish, just like the Alige, is high in cholesterol.

Here's a close-up.

As I took my glass and put ice cubes in it, I told the kids to put the amount of ice cubes they'd like for their softdrinks.
Karen:"Si papa, naglagay ng yelo para lang sa kaniya. Hindi man lang naglagay sa ibang baso."
Renz:"Si papa talaga... shellfish."

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