Myringotomy with Bilateral Tube Placement for Che

After several weeks of consultation and monitoring, the ENT finally advised a procedure called Myringotomy. Che's 2nd Tympanometry test was worse than her baseline. Her chronic allergies aggravated the build up of pressure in both ears and affected her hearing.

Here's a good definition of the Myringotomy procedure from the Encyclopedia of Children's Health:

Myringotomy is a surgical procedure in which a small incision is made in the eardrum (the tympanic membrane), usually in both ears. The word comes from myringa, modern Latin for drum membrane, and tomē, Greek for cutting. It is also called myringocentesis, tympanotomy, tympanostomy, or paracentesis of the tympanic membrane. The doctor can withdraw fluid from the middle ear through the incision.

Ear tubes, or tympanostomy tubes, are small tubes open at both ends that are inserted into the incisions in the eardrums during a myringotomy. The tubes come in various shapes and sizes and are made of plastic, metal, or both. They are left in place until they fall out by themselves or until they are removed by a doctor. Ear tubes are also sometimes called ventilation tubes.

I was sort of hoping that the doc would advise the procedure coz according to Tita Divine, the procedure was quick, almost painless and instantly helped regain her hearing. In recent weeks, Che was rather irritable and I suppose this was from her slight loss of hearing for which I was becoming concerned.

With DH's health card about to expire, we decided to go on with the procedure for Che. Che was anxious and so I asked Tita Divine to give some tips and words of comfort. And so last Wednesday early morning, DH and Che headed off to FEU Fairview. I would've brought them there had it not been number-coding day for the car - which incidentally was even Holy Wednesday.

At the homefront, I asked the siblings to pray for Ate Che (I believe this was Che's first procedure). It's funny coz Renz even drew on his small carton whiteboard drawings of us praying and the words "Pray for Ate Che". I wished I took a picture of that whiteboard coz it looked like a child's Mass Card. Needless to say, I was also touched.

Hope the healing of the incision will be successful. Get well soon, Che.

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