Covering Gaps and Holes with Mortar

Yesterday was my first hand at masonry. I bought myself simple tools for this job: a Php39.75 masonry trowel and a Php59.75 steel trowel. Why?

Well, after Jerry the plumber fixed our problematic toilet bowl last Thursday, he left behind some cement and sand. Not wanting to put these leftover materials to waste, I worked on our back concrete fence which had gaps between the hollow blocks.

Today I worked on our side fence (neighbor's firewall) coz it had some gaping depressions. I think these were created and left behind by the workers after demolishing their bunkhouse in this area. I used an old aluminum basin for mixing concrete with the ratio of 1 part cement and 3 parts sand. Here's the wall with the 2 depressions. The one on the right has been covered with concrete.

And here's me working on the bigger depression on the left. My technique isn't fancy. It's just getting the job done. Put some mortar on the steel trowel, push some onto the wall and then flatten.

Here's the job on the back fence I mentioned earlier. The mortar has set and dried. Well some of the gaps are still there coz I didn't have enough mortar for the day.

Initially I thought the job was daunting and I'd fail miserably. Overall, working with mortar was a little easier than I thought. Not too bad of a job, don't you think?

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