Cleaning the Stainless Steel Tank

Gerry Tubero has been insisting on cleaning the stainless steel tank the last time he was here. We deferred to having the cleaning in May and so the next will be around November (every 6 months as he advised). We called him today coz our water upstairs recently had a rusty color indicating that cleaning was due.

Since he assembled all the pipings and fittings for this new tank, we imagined the job would be a breeze. He started draining the water - but made the mistake of draining the concrete tank ("bato") instead of the stainless steel tank ("stainless"). Duh! Well, long story short, he ended up cleaning the concrete tank as well as shown below.

He had his son work on cleaning the inside of the stainless steel tank. The stainless steel tank rests on top of the concrete tank. Yup we have 2 tanks. The concrete tank feeds the ground floor and the stainless steel tank feeds the second floor. Gerry built this setup in collaboration with Engr. Toti.

Our architect originally planned on demolishing this concrete tank (cistern) to have more ground space. So this masterful move of Engr. Toti Novillas eliminated the wasteful destruction of the concrete tank and the final setup concentrated all the waterline plumbing in this place.

Apart from cleaning BOTH tanks, Gerry put in a new gate valve for the concrete tank's drain outlet. He also fashioned a screen net for the concrete tank's cover. He cleaned the gutter of leaves and put in the guttershield filtering devices. And all these tasks cost Php1,200.

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