Pampanga Vacation

We spent a 3-day vacation in Pampanga from June 4-6. My sister requested me to spend a couple of nights there while she was away in Singapore for a symposium. Karen has started school and Che's preparing for hers. So it was just DH, Renz, Sandra and me for a rainy and wet trip. It was a restful stay yet we still managed to do so much.

We peeled a discarded telephone wire so we could get the thin coated wires we use for gardening.

DH and Renz raided the grotto pond with a "pansalok" to catch tadpoles.

Here's Renz shouting "hello" at the hapless little creatures.

Here are the tadpoles in various stages of development inside a styro cup. Renz learned a lot about growth with this sample.

Here's us spending time at the huge backyard. DH picked atis, guavas and achuetes (annato fruit whose seeds give a natural red dye). Renz and Sandra just gazed at the geese and helped haul off the pickings.

I asked for a machete and later a small backsaw to cut some branches that we brought home for fuel.

DH extracted the seeds from a big pile of achuete fruits. Kapampangan food is visually appealing and one reason for this is because of the use of achuete.

On our last day, I asked for the small and hard pillow which I found so comfortable. Mom even threw in several pillow sheets to take home!

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