First Day of School 2009

Yesterday was the first day for Sandra in her new school. Karen started school since last week. Che and Renz are still on vacation mode.

Come to think of it, this year is a milestone. It will be the first year the kids will be attending different schools.

For this year, the kids' school will be:
  • Che - UP Manila, 1st Year College
  • Karen - Muntinlupa Science High School (Munsci), 4th Year HS
  • Sandra - Southernside Montessori School (SMS), 1st Year HS
  • Renz - Infant Jesus Montessori School (IJMC), Grade 2

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i-Observer said...

Kids are getting bigger!!! Time flies!!!
Interestingly, summer vacation just started here and school is starting there!

Blackdove said...

Hi Bong,
Yup! Do you have kids?

i-Observer said...

Yup - got one. She's a college sophomore.