Swim Lessons Graduation 2009

Graduation time!

Finally, the two-week swim lessons of Sandra and Renz for this year came to a close. After many years of enrolling kids to lessons I observed swim lessons typically take two weeks. Anyway, today's the culmination of all those early morning wakeups, tiring drills and new learnings.

Here's Sandra and Renz by the lap pool. There were no more lessons this day. It's just for show (to parents) and the awarding. Hmmm, I wasn't too happy with that idea.

While waiting for some action to happen, here's the two with new friend, Claire.

WTH? Yes, it WAS a long wait.

Another friend, Tara.

A photo-op for all graduating classes for 2009 with the Pro-Scap coaches.

Time to show off the new skills. Here's Renz (middle swimmer) for the backstroke. Everybody had a stab at freestyle and backstroke.

Backstroke is Sandra's forte. I'd say nobody in the batch could beat her speed.

Just to entice the newbies to pursue more classes in the next batch (more moolah of corz), the coaches goaded their "advanced" students to demo breaststroke and butterfly. They just HAD to get Sandra to join coz her breaststroke is so much cleaner and better.

In fly, she's the only one who managed to finish the short distance that was asked from the "advanced" students.

Photo-op at per session at the makeshift stage.

More announcements while waiting for the award ceremonies. Again, Coach Sherwin just HAD to mention Sandra's name for the beginners to emulate coz Sandra was simply a cut above the rest.

Awarding of Renz and Sandra with Coach Sherham. Right after their awarding, the two proceeded to the pool to practice and play. And I clandestinely join them for a free swim while keeping an eye on The Matrix.

We were hungry after the swim. Here's what I had at the food court - veggies and afritada. DH had sizzling tapa.

The two happy graduates with huge chicken meals from Randang.

And here's the rest of the gang with their sizzling meals.

Just before we went home, a free ride at the Astroworm.

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