My Gardening Blog

Just to clarify my previous entry, I'm not shutting down this blog.

I'm creating a new blog on gardening and move my gardening posts here to that blog to avoid duplication. So don't be surprised if you see some familiar entries here disappear and then reappear in that other blog.

What's in the gardening blog?

Plenty! There will be many articles on growing vines and assembling trellises. And these are inexpensive trellises that are sturdy that can withstand typhoons in a tropical country.

I'll still make sure that the links reference the correct blog domains. If you find inconsistencies or links that don't work, please notify me.

As usual, comments are always welcome. See you there!

Go ahead, post your comment below!

Hydroponic Garden Book said...

I love trying all types of gardening techniques. I will be watching this blog for updates.

Blackdove said...

Thanx for dropping by!