Scooter Man

When we were having our house built, I didn't expect our family hall would be used for a cornucopia of activities. These activities would include tv-watching, working on the computer, ironing (while tv-watching), etc.

So its logical that Renz would be here often even to play. He discovered that with a broken (no back) computer stool, he could glide across the hall by simply pushing with his feet.

He said he could scoot up and down the hall with his "scooter" - and proudly proclaimed himself as the "Scooter Man". =)

DH would have nothing of it, however, especially when Renz goes dangerously close to the top of the stairs. Is she overreacting? Maybe, but I find it funny when Renz simply ignores here and continues to scoot around much to her horror and dismay.

Here's a scene:
(me laughing while Renz continues to scoot and DH looking at him with a frown)
Renz: (wondering) Papa, bakit po kayo tawa nang tawa.
Me: Eh paano, tuwang tuwa kang nakikita mong galit si mama mo!

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