Metro Swim - August 13

Yesterday Violet and I had our second swim at Metropolis. The first one was a month ago. That's her behind me in the photo below. She's a scuba diver and a Red Cross certified Swim Instructor.

I got to the pool before 2pm and the pumps were still on so there was no need to tell the staff. There was a couple still there when I arrived. Violet and a friend Eunice came much later at around 4:30pm and I've done a lot of drills already.

Things I did:

  • Two-beat crossover kick. Not too good. It was slow and felt awkward. Didn't look pretty either.

  • A length of fly. Tiring. Form was good but uncomfortable on the right shoulder.

  • Elementary backstroke. Relaxing. I almost forgot the feeling.

  • Heads-up breaststroke. Need to do this more often. Neck was straining a bit.

  • Dog crawl. Wasn't as fast as before. Legs not as buoyant.

  • One-arm freestyle using mostly the left arm. Here I had to do 6-beat kicks. I didn't think I'd move with the usual lazy kicks I've been doing.

  • Fist Drills - both arms. Again using 6-beat kicks. I'm more comfortable with this drill now probably because of the smaller sized pool. But the body rotation and speed was there. This reminds me to do laps for these drills rather than lengths because the pool is short.

  • Inclined lead arm. This is for the one-arm drills. I noticed that when I incline my lead arm by 30 or 45 degrees below horizontal, I'm more stable. I suppose this just reinforces the front quadrant swimming concept.

  • Sidestroke with scissors kick. Felt good but need to glide further.

It's good that Violet was there and was able to give feedback on my freestyle kicking:

  • Kicking from hips, not knees.

Need Improvement:
  • Increase amplitude of kick - just a little.
  • Pausing on the breath. My kick stops when I breath and legs just glide. I don't do this though when I do one-arm free. So I suppose I need to do more one-arm drills on each side and be cautious of the kick when stroking two arms.

By the time my swim ended, my front thighs felt the burn with all the kicking. Good thing the pumps were open and the jets massaged my sore legs.

Great. I should do this more often.

We left at 5:30pm to proceed to the regular Toastmasters meeting.

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