Our Mastermind Game Rules

Here's a picture of Renz playing Mastermind with me where I'm playing as the codebreaker.

He's playing as codemaker and is checking and scoring my guess codes. Something frustrating with codebreaking is when the codemaker makes mistakes in scoring.

When a codemaker scores a code wrongly, the rest of the codebreaker's codes or tries get affected because the codebreaker bases his succeeding codes on the previous scores.

That's why we've devised our own rules and terms to put a little twist on the game.

These are our terms:
  • ENCODER - Codemaker. Sets the pins or creates the code to be guessed.

  • DECODER - Codebreaker. Attempts to solve and guess the code.

  • CHECK - Decoder calls "check" when he's completed the guess code and cues the encoder to score the guessed code.

  • GO - Encoder calls "go" after scoring the Decoder's guessed code.

  • CHALLENGE - At any time during the game, Decoder can call "challenge" if he feels the scoring was incorrect. The Encoder could review all his scoring. If the Encoder insists he's right, the game ends.

    Both Encoder and Decoder verify the scoring. If the Encoder's scoring is incorrect on any of the rows, the Decoder wins. If the Encoder's scoring is correct, the Encoder wins.

Here, Ate Dada helps out Renz and they're playing as Decoder. That's the code (4 code pegs) I put at the end of the gameboard - purple, green, yellow and blue.

She won the game at the 8th and last row. But she didn't want to play more, proclaiming "sumasakit ang ulo ko" (I'm getting a headache).

And that's what makes it a good logic game because it forces you to think hard.

I just learned there was an Asia-wide internet connection problem since Wednesday morning hence I've been unable to update this blog.

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