Burgers for Laps

Yesterday was a nice sun-shiny day for swimming and so I asked who'd like to go with me to Metropolis mall. Only Renz expressed interest. I told him to get somebody else too coz I needed someone who can take turns with me looking after him.

After much cajoling from Renz, Sandra and DH finally relented. We already had lunch at home and so decided to bring just crackers and water for the afternoon swim. After all it was just the four of us for the swim.

There were plenty of kids at the pool, it being a Sunday plus the fact that the following day, Monday, was a holiday (Eid'l Fitr). Much of what Sandra and Renz did though was playing more than swimming.

After two hours of "swimming", the chanting from the two started: "Jo-lli-bee!, Jo-lli-bee!"

WTH? I told them we already had 'Jolli-B" also known as Jolli-Baon. =) Well, the chanting became even stronger. Anyway, I offered them a deal that if a roving Jollibee attendant came up to the pool (the pool was at the rooftop) then we could order.

If not, they'd have to settle for the Jolli-Baon because that's what we had.

Renz was quick to retort that that was not a deal but something called laziness. Huh? His explanation was, why wait for someone from Jollibee to come to the pool when we could all go there (rolls eyes). I gave up. And then I came up with a splendid idea.

If they can do laps each then they could have a burger each. Besides, I reminded them that after all swim lessons they took, it's easy to forget the techniques if they don't practice (use it or lose it).

Apparently, the desire was strong enough to motivate them. And not only that, they volunteered to do more laps for fries and even more laps for a sundae too! Sandra did freestyle and backstroke while Renz did the freestyle - all with good technique! Talk about incentives.

So we had merienda at Jollibee downstairs before heading home and everyone was happy.

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