Storage Space Under the Stairs

At the time the house was being constructed, I asked the architect how the space under the stairs before the landing would be utilized. His reply was to use it as an open rack with shelves and he showed DH and I a sample of what he meant. This was at the house of his daughter.

It looked nice if you have the discipline to put in the shelves simple stuff like figurines and NOTHING ELSE. If you've got family members like in our house, well, all you get is clutter that's stuffed inside. And it's clutter that collects DUST.

And so I suggested a closed storage space but which will allow us to reach into the full depth of the space under the stairs. I gave the architect some drawings and here's what the carpenter came up with.

These are three pullout drawers rolling out with casters.

The three drawers have differing heights and the two taller ones have shelves. The casters at the bottom allow easy pullout. In the photo below, they are partly hidden by the drawers' front panels.

The nice thing with the above setup, is that, stored away, the drawers always have a neat appearance. There are no dangling and other unsightly items to see. Since the space is enclosed, the stuff inside don't gather too much dust.

And since the drawers can be fully pulled out, you can always use every bit of space inside the drawer that's under the stairs. That means the full width of the stair tread is maximized.

Here's creative use of under-the-stairs space. Directly under the stairs landing is a pantry with built-in shelves.

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