Meeting Meeting

A week ago, my daughter Karen was in tears and said something about her not making it to college presumably because we may not afford it. DH and I were of course alarmed how she could utter something like that.

Both of us speculated where she could have gotten the idea - friends? classmates? siblings? And so, after dinner, I asked everyone to return to the dining table for a meeting.

Somehow the word "meeting" piqued Renz's interest. I mean he's been hearing the word when we adults talk about with regards to our previous work and my toastmasters club. So he was excited to come down and position himself on the table.

Long story short, DH and I told the kids they will all go to college - no matter what. Our present unemployment status doesn't necessarily mean we're penniless (centavoless?) and we're doing what we can to find work or some other means of income.

But that the kids should do what's expected from them and that's to study hard and not take for granted their tuition and their allowance. The discussion was lengthy but that did sort out the doubts running in their minds.

Yesterday, I overheard Renz whispering about a "meeting" to DH. It looked like he now has a handle of what a meeting is all about - to discuss and sort out matters.

Apparently, he's been trying to convince DH for him to play games on the computer and that a "meeting" with me will grant him that request. And so DH and I discussed it with him hearing us.

We decided to have him play for 30 minutes but only in the morning (he has afternoon class) and when all schoolwork is done.

He was happy with the decision and was glad he "called" for a meeting.

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i-Observer said...

What a funny and wonderful story! Your kids are very lucky to have great parents!!!

Blackdove said...

Thanx! DH and I are still a work-in-progress though.