Rainy Days of Typhoon Ondoy

It's been raining hard the whole morning. Here's a shot outside while practicing at the piano.

Even with the wind, the rain doesn't enter the window easily. The wind mostly blows from east to west (hanging Amihan) or west to east (hanging Habagat). This window faces south.

You could see our Ampalaya plant being blown by the wind. This is at the height of Typhoon Ondoy (international name: Ketsana) at our place.

Here's the view from the other window. Ugh. Not much better and so gloomy. That's our neighbor's house at the back and you could see the rain beating hard.

We're lucky to have a lawn at the backyard and so it isn't flooded when we step outside.

On the brighter side, the piano piece is coming along nicely albeit very slowly. I'm already halfway with the entire piece. The challenge at this point is memorization.

The first few parts are similar and repeated different octaves that I sometimes forget the differences. Putting the left hand and right hand parts is another challenge, but I'm getting there.

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