Typhoon Ondoy's Blackout

We were so very lucky that we weren't as affected as the rest of Metro Manila specifically Cainta, Marikina and Pasig. The worst we got last Saturday was having to deal with the super strong rains that managed to get into our bay windows.

The roads fronting our neighbor mall was also flooded shin-deep. That we saw when we took Che to the sporting goods store for their cheerleading uniforms.

We lost power in the afternoon just when I was about to power on my piano. We were braced for the outage and so we prepared candles and batteries. DH had the foresight to prepare dinner a bit earlier to take advantage of the late afternoon daylight.

That's our "dirty" kitchen and the blue background at the upper left is the leftover daylight in the early evening.

DH was just happy when I relocated the candle at the upper tray thus illuminating her work area.

And she was glad when I brought out the radio with fresh batteries and so that kept her company. It was disheartening though to to hear the day's disasters happening all around.

With a lone candle at the dinner table, the kids contented themselves with playing cards to pass time. Pusoy dos and Pekwa, neither of which I understand nor play, kept them pretty much entertained.

They also did some shadow figures on the wall with the light from the candle. Of corz when DH attempted her hand shadow, it became apparent it was nothing more than the figure of an arthritic hand (baldadong kamay). =) Way back in 2006, Karen came up with some remarkable silhouettes during an evening power outage. See them here.

Thankfully, power came back at around 8pm, right after we had our candlelight dinner.
Renz: "Mama, napupundi na po yung ilaw!"
DH: (wondering) "Anong ilaw, eh brownout tayo?"
Renz: (pointing to candle) "Ayun o!"

Apparently the candle's flame flickered with the gusty wind, giving him the impression of a dying bulb. :)

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