Speech Choir at Sandra's School

In celebration of Linggo ng Wika (occurs at August), Sandra's school, Southernside Montessori School had a Speech Choir competition which they called Sabayang Pagbigkas. They held this last August 27.

Sandra's class, Talisay, delivered a piece entitled "Ang Sabi ng Idol Ko". They've been practicing this piece for days and Sandra would sometimes come home late. That's Sandra in the middle, with the glasses.

That's not their school uniform though. Their school uniform's a bit more conservative and is shown here.

Their attire is a costume that's (Korean? Japanese?) Anime inspired. No wonder Sandra was all excited to wear their costume!

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i-Observer said...

Having lived in Japan for a total of 18 years, I can tell you it's Japanese High School inspired!

Blackdove said...

18 Years! Is that for your stay (or being stationed) at Okinawa? Did you manage to pickup a bit of Nihonggo?

i-Observer said...

Yes.. it was total number of years stationed there! My first tour was 6 years then I returned to the US for a 4 year tour then returned to Okinawa for a tour that totaled 12 years. My Nihonggo was passable and also managed to learn Hiragana. My Nihonggo skills have diminished... lack of practice!