Piano Room

So sorry for the lack of updates lately. There have been some crises that had to be attended to.

Anyway, with typhoons Labuyo and Maring out, the sun's finally shining and so I took some pics at home inside the newly cleaned yellow room downstairs. The Yellow Room is the only room downstairs although we all sleep in the rooms upstairs.

The reason it was added in the house design is for a practical purpose. Well, DH and I will eventually become old (and arthritis may one day catch up on us) that staying downstairs in this room may be the more practical and easiest arrangement.

The room already has the facilities for a phone line, aircon outlets, closests, etc. :)

But for now, we're also calling it the Piano Room and below is the new setup for the piano. The old piano setup at our old house may be seen here.

That's a Yamaha P80 digital piano which was bought from Perfect Pitch at SM Southmall. We've had it since 2001 when two of my daughters were still taking piano lessons at La Consolacion College in their elementary years.

I too was taking lessons then at Lyric Piano over at Alabang Town Center. I'll post some pics and a video of their recital sometime.

The amp is simply an old beatup karaoke machine from years ago. The speaker's still fine except for a very faint buzzing sound that's easily drowned out by the piano's full "Grand Piano" sound.

The piano seat is, well, just an old monobloc plastic chair - comfy, light, easy to store away. Since the room is in a corner with windows on two sides, it's very airy and bright.

Another nice thing is since the piano is now in a room (not like in the living room of the old house), I could just easily close the door to shut out noise from the TV or radio. Others won't have to endure hear my playing too!

Here's my view outside when playing the piano.

Not the greatest view in the world, but it's lovely. You'll notice my Ampalaya (bitter gourd) vine on a trellis mounted on the perimeter fence. Hey, if you're into gardening, check out my gardening blog at http://practicalgardening.blogspot.com.

The green trees and plants outside are refreshing to the eyes. Sometimes I get lost playing a memorized piano piece while seeing the trees sway with the breeze. The trees belong to neighbors and that house on the right is my neighbor's. I'll bet they get crazy just hearing me play. =)

Ate Sandra was playing "Chopsticks" on the piano and Renz was trying really hard to mimic her, not even knowing what the title of the piece was.

Finally, Renz learns it and proudly plays it on his own.

DH: (passing by) "Renz, ano yang pine-play mo? Chopsticks?"
Renz: "Hindi po!"
DH: (unconvinced) "Chopsticks iyan eh."
Renz: "Hindi nga po!"
DH: Eh ano?"
Renz: "Piano po!"

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