Floor Mats Washing-ton Day

Since it was a sun-shiny day today, it was high time to finally wash the car's floor mats. After the rains and low floods of Ondoy, the interior of the car has smelled a bit musty. Maybe it was when Che, DH and Tita Gay entered the car all soaking wet from the strong rain and floods outside.

So I took advantage of the nice weather and washed the mats right on the lawn while listening to "oldies" music on a Sunday. Lovely.

Having the basin and pails of water on the lawn meant I didn't just throw water down the drain but got to water the plants. It was so easy. Scoop water with the dipper and water the plants nearby and then tip the basin to water the lawn.

Nowadays it's been my practice to save and make full use of water. Even dishwashing water doesn't go to waste. It's earth-friendly and we benefit from the thriving lawn especially during the rainy days.

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