Typhoon Pepeng's High Cost of Vegetables

Ugh. Veggies prices soaring 300%! Can you believe this? With the provinces up north like Benguet and Baguio still isolated because of Typhoon Pepeng - you can. Here's the story from ABS-CBN.

I heard a simple homemaker interviewed in the news say "kapag ganyan, hindi na lang ako magluluto ng Chopsuey, ibibili ko na lang ng karne!" (if that's the case, then I'd rather not cook Chopsuey, but instead buy meat)

This is all just temporary of course until the roads are repaired, but it REALLY pays to do a bit of vegetable gardening at home. Here's the first patola (luffa gourd) fruit that our plant yielded.

See the vegetables we have at home.

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