Mistaken Identity

With the rains of Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng over, DH quickly took the task of washing the big pile of laundry to take advantage of the sunshine today.

No, we don't have househelp or a laundry woman for our clothes. In fact we haven't had any househelp since 2001. Now that she's stopped working, DH has no more plans of getting one.

She can be quite gungho with household chores especially laundry. Here, she wears her favorite work hat.

Well today, while hanging clothes to dry, a young lady approached the gate. The lady had a flyer to hand her and called her, "Manang, baka magustuhan ng amo niyo, pakibigay na lang po!". (Hey Miss, the lady owner of the house might want this, just give it to her.)

Apparently, the lady mistook DH for the maid or laundry woman. ;-) And what did the lady give her?

He! he! It's a flyer for foot/hand spa and body massage home services.

I jokingly told her that maybe she didn't strike the image of a homeowner with her getup. Fortunately, DH has no qualms about the whole thing and simply gave it a good hearty chuckle!

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