Traffic Monitoring by the Window

When we had our house constructed, I knew the second floor would give us a wider view of our surroundings.

Now I could see the rooftops of nearby bungalows.

Here's a view from a window looking over the rooftop of our front neighbor.

At this distance, I could also see a tiny speck of the expressway (SLEX).

No big deal I thought. But then nowadays, SLEX is undergoing massive rehabilitation, including the construction of the new Skyway extension.

So heavy traffic has become commonplace especially when approaching the Alabang area northbound. It can become so bad that it could extend towards the Susana Heights area which is near to where I'm located.

So now, I know that traffic is REALLY bad if I'm able to see the crawling vehicles over at the expressway. Just a view from the bedroom window and I could decide whether to take the National Road instead.

How close am I to the expressway? Well, I could discern the vehicles whizzing by. Shown below is the same photo above but magnified a few times. And you could see the front of blue and white truck moving to the right.

It becomes even more dramatic at night when you could see that part of the expressway lighted red with the jammed vehicles' taillights.

How's that for traffic monitoring?

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