Slow Day at the Pool - Not!

Just when I thought it would be another slow day of fitness swimming at the pool when a group of college-aged barkadahan met and mingled at the pool's gate. The lifeguard was summoned by one of the resort staff to clean the surroundings and mop wet spots around the pool.

Soon the barkada came in with some photographers and a couple of alalays. I thought it was a pictorial for some magazine.

Well I was wrong. It was a pictorial session for Mr. and Miss Lyceum. There were 10 ladies and a few guys. The guys were totally unremarkable. Each of the ladies had a a photo-op by the pool where I swam and they were in bikinis!

For a moment I thought the photographers/organizers would ask me to move to another pool. Good thing they didn't or they would've heard an earful.

Except for the first 2 ladies, everyone else were super shy in the photo-op which was rather funny. They were mostly 3rd and 4th year college students and each had a "tapis" over their bikinis. One of them had her mom tagging along to watch over her.

At first I felt a bit sorry for them coz they seemed unwilling and maybe have been yanked/pressured into joining the contest. After a few shots, they dreaded having to remove the "tapis" for the final shots.

After the last shot, they would quickly reach over and grab the "tapis" from the assistant like it was some sort of a lifesaver. Funny.

The pool water was clear today. Maybe Wednesday was better in that there were no classes in the morning. Before, I always did just 1 length of fly. But my shoulders were up to it and felt fine all through out and so I did 6 laps this time.

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