United Nations Day 2009

It's another United Nations Day celebration over at Renz's school and yup, he's sporting an Indonesian "attire" again. Nope, can't vouch for the authenticity, but it's the same outfit he wore last year!

This year's parade was held in the morning though and everyone seemed to have enjoyed it more compared to the blistering heat of the afternoon sun last year. Renz's partner last year, Ira or Eira is still his partner this year although she's now wearing Mexico. She wore China last year.

That's her with the colorful dress above and carrying the green white and red flag of Mexico. The parade was quite long and here's them on the first corner after walking out of the school.

As usual, there were the usual mother hens who wouldn't want the little ones darkened by the sun and so they walked along too close to the kids with their umbrellas.

Almost any good shot gets ruined by these tag-alongs.

Here's the parade at the main street of the subdivision. It isn't a big area and so the walk was still okay for the kids. Renz appears to be wearing a skirt too with his sarong.

Renz was chatting with his partner Eira most of the way to while away the time. I'd say he even enjoyed the long walk.

Every year, the parade goes through our street (yey!). I don't know why but I suppose it has something to do with the school president's friends residing in the street - just my hunch.

Here's Renz telling the gang about our house which he pointed to.

That's the gang passing by our house below. And that's Che by the gate munching on something. I wonder why Renz grabbed his hat. Maybe it's the wind.

This is the way back to the school. Renz seems disoriented though because he's pointing to a different direction.

Finally, it's all over. The parade's done and just a few are left at the school. The main street is now clear and DH and Renz sans his sarong (but still with his hat on) are going home.

Whew! What a walk!

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