Birthday 2009

It was a quiet day yesterday and I spent most of the afternoon watching the complete downloaded youtube videos to date of Survivor Samoa. Yeah! :) Yup, I downloaded all 5 episodes. Thanx Youtube!

For dinner, we had special Lomi Guisado from Madam Billones. For Php35 for a big order, it's quite cheap! The Rocky Road cake was announced late. Here, Karen took the group picture since Tita Gay wasn't around.

Renz, up to his old antics again in this shot taken by Che.

There's the Rocky Road cake with the trick candle.

The kids gave me a nice T-shirt with its print shown below.

Thanx all!

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i-Observer said...

Happy Birthday again!!! Lomi Guisado and Rocky Road Cake... meranup ku bigla!!!

Blackdove said...

Thanx Bong. Red Ribbon's Marjolaine is my favorite, but the kids said it wasn't available. Rocky Road is the kids' favorite and so... hmmm... maybe there was a conspiracy. =)