Halloween 2009

In last year's Halloween activity at Renz's school, I wasn't around to take pics. But having been out of a job, I now have plenty of time to attend the kids' school activities.

Some of the students were asked to bring foodstuff and Renz brought donuts. There were only a few selected students who were assigned to bring something to eat. I hope he won't have to bring any foodstuff for the coming Christmas Party.

Here's Renz inside their classroom. That's him wearing his mask.

Many came as zombies, witches, fairies, vampires, ninjas and superheroes. I couldn't tell what Renz's costume was although many just assumed he was Panday. The two sections were merged for the games.

Here's the banana-eating game. The girls were blindfolded, and as the game goes, they feed the boys with the banana. The boy who finishes the banana first wins.

It was so funny that when the teacher (lady in black shirt) said "go!", one of the blindfolded girls (in the foreground) started eating the banana! =)

It's the boys' turn for the stop (or statue) dance below. You can tell by the pointing fingers that the song being played is "Nobody" by the Wonder Girls.

During the break, some kids went over to the other room to play. Here's the Panday warding off the umbrella-wielding witches.

The parlor games resumed and here's Renz all gungho and ready for the paper dance.

The kids ate after the games and the parade followed after that. Here's Renz with his mask on backwards! WTH!

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