All Saints Day 2009

This year, it was dry and hot at the Sto. Domingo cemetery. At least that's way better than wet and flooded! There was overcast skies the previous day and good thing typhoon Santi just breezed through this area. Our place in Muntinlupa though was hit hard by the winds.

We left at around 8:30 am and bought breakfast at Mcdo Munti. Luckily we found a parking spot right in front. Ugh, too many people at the queues and buying so much.

I was thinking of the traffic going to Sucat approaching the memorial parks and so we took the East service road instead. Amazingly, there was no heavy traffic at SLEX.

Mom wasn't up to walking and so we dropped by the Sto. Domingo cemetery before going to mom's house. We parked the van at the kubo and proceeded to the cemetery.

Here, the gang lit a couple of small candles and offered prayers. Renz was feeling hot and so Karen covered his head with a towel. =)

On the way back we passed by Uncle Naring's house. Auntie Ellen and niece Camille were there. We asked permission to get some of the mango branches felled at the kubo.

Uncle was happy to see us and hugged Renz (they have the same birthdate). Funny, coz uncle seemed to become forgetful and kept asking the same questions = Renz's name, age, etc.

Ranel and his kids helped us out in getting the felled branches and loading them in the van.

We had a sumptuous lunch for my birthday and Tita Divine gave some presents. There were more mango and chico branches at mom's house and so we chopped and loaded that up as well. Here's DH putting in a few more pieces as Lola Gay looks on.

The van's entire back was loaded and it's so heavy that I drove a bit slower than usual. That's a lot of firewood and believe it or not I'm so excited to be bucking and splitting them already!

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