All Souls Day 2009

Hearing over the radio that there was shooting incident at the Garden of Memories memorial park wasn't exactly the way to start the All Souls Day right - coz that's where we we were headed.

I had imagined the usual knee-jerk reaction of authorities: get strict on entry, cordon off areas and ask folks with vehicles to park outside. Amazingly, none of that happened.

In fact, we didn't have to take the long circuitous route to get in. The one-way traffic rule they impose on Nov. 1 has been lifted immediately.

Here's the gang at the spot with Karen helping out with the umbrellas. Renz looks really bored. After around 15 minutes of yawning, he munched on the snacks we brought - buttered toast and marshmallows.

And then I brought out the frisbees. The last time we played here was a couple of years back. Here, Renz and Che are trying the green disc.

It's a bit heavy though and meant for long distance throwing. It was mostly Che and I who played with it. Karen was her usual slow-moving self and Sandra wasn't feeling very well. She's had the cough the previous week.

And then Renz slowly warmed up to it. That's Che and Renz throwing frisbees. I was at the receiving end.

Che was taking this picture when unexpectedly, Renz got the red frisbee flying straight at her direction! The red frisbee's lighter and apt for small kids.

Renz thoroughly enjoyed the frisbee throwing even with the hot sun above us. I'm glad I brought them along. Here's a nice shot of Renz with his rear leg kicking up.

A few tombstones away, I took a shot of this guy who was solemn in prayer. A few seconds later, he was actually talking (or singing softly) seemingly to the tombstone.

It's a good thing that there weren't too many people near our spot to admonish us of our frisbee playing. Throwing with good aim helped too in that we didn't hit anybody in the head - well, except Karen and Sandra. =)

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