Firewood from Ondoy and Pepeng

After lugging all that cut branches from Pampanga last All Saints Day, it was time to go to work and cut, split and dry them for firewood. The wood came from mango and chico trees that were felled by the recent typhoons.

I simply used a hacksaw to cut wood. I don't use a machete ("itak") to chop them to firewood size. I think it's a bit faster using a hacksaw and there's lesser wastage (wood chips).

Ever since I learned how to use the hacksaw with either arm, I'm able to saw more firewood. When one arm gets tired, the other one takes over.

I don't even need to stop. I'm right-handed but with this newfound skill, I'm even able to use more of my left than my right arm by a ratio of 10 to 1!

Here's a pic of the firewood in the garage with some of them already cut.

Some child labor to dry the split wood. That's Renz and Sandra helping lay the freshly split wood under the sun.

I have the feeling we'd have enough firewood for the whole of next year.

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