Pamantansan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa

This school became the temporary venue for all classes in Karen's school - Muntinlupa Science High School.

Displaced School Classes due to Typhoon Ondoy

After typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng struck, all roads leading to Munsci (Muntinlupa Science High School) were left unpassable. The school itself which was built on high grounds was not damaged.

But many residents nearby had to abandon their homes since floodwaters entered the houses. Initially, only bancas could traverse the roads. Classes at Munsci were suspended for a good 2 weeks during which the Principal and Mayor searched for a viable alternative.

PLMun or Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa became the temporary venue for resuming the Munsci classes. It was very difficult because many of the school equipment were left behind at Munsci.

Also, there were not enough available classrooms at PLMun for the entire displaced high school. Two class sections were assigned to one classroom as in the case of Karen's section.

Since there were other surrounding schools near PLMun, the Munsci students had to compete with other students for public transportation. There were a couple of instances that DH and I had to take Karen to school when she had to bring presentation materials.

Here's the main entrance to the school compound.

Notice the rolling terrain and plentiful trees. The entire place kind of reminds me of U.P. (not that I studied there, but you know what I mean) and you'll enjoy just walking to school.

Here's a nearby school, Muntinlupa National High School.

Classes now back to normal at Muntinlupa Science High School

Last December 7, after more than 2 months of holding classes at PLMun, the students were back to their school. Most of the streets are now dry. Business is back to normal. And the same pesky tricycle drivers are back to their annoying daily routine of blocking the narrow streets.

We briefly went to the baywalk for a look-see. Below is a photo of the lake from the baywalk. Notice the lake water is still high. Normally, the lake should start at the point where you see fishpens at the right. Suffice it to say that those shanties at the left are already abandoned.

This is a rear shot of the Muntinlupa Science High School which you can see at the right. DH just bought a small cup of taho from the vendor. There are plenty of joggers and what have you every morning in this place near the baywalk.

Below is the facade of Munsci.

Some parts of the major thoroughfare are still wet.

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