30th High School Reunion

"It was like High School all over again."

30 years after graduating from High School, some of our High School classmates met again, this time at the Kayakoto KTV Bar Grill and Restaurant in Pampanga just across the famous (notorious?) Miyabe Court. This was last December 5, 2009.

Traffic on a Saturday was, as usual, bad especially in EDSA near the Balintawak area. I reached the place at almost 5:30pm and Rommer, Bing and Roger were already there having a round of drinks. It was past 7pm though that other classmates started trickling in.

This is the second reunion that I've attended, actually. The first was when we celebrated our 25th (Silver) Year High School Reunion where around 50 classmates attended.

This time, though, it was mostly the Philippine-based classmates who attended. In fact we called it as another "mini-reunion" because there have been a few other such reunions after the the 25th Grand Reunion.

Why you should attend High School Reunions

Before I attended the 25th Year High School Reunion, like many, I had some reservations on attending. But I learned from the experience that reunions are actually fun.
  1. Meet Old Friends

    You definitely had a circle of friends, no matter how small, back then. It's really interesting to know where where they now live or how they're doing in general.

    Some of them may have already reacquainted with you via Facebook but nothing beats seeing them again in person. A bigger batch attending would of course result in several small groups (or tables), so just go ahead and mingle.

  2. Have a Good Time

    Most simply go to reunions just to have a good time. This is certainly no time to sulk in a corner. Just talk, eat, drink (or sing if there's KTV!). There's really no other bigger purpose for attending reunion than to meet up and have fun.

  3. So You Won't Regret It

    After our grand reunion 5 years ago, I've heard about some other classmates having regretted not joining that reunion. T

    hat is especially after they learn how much fun we had in the first one. And so the mini-reunions become a venue for you to see the other classmates who didn't make it the first time.

That's me, third from the right with the blue sports shirt.

Planning for a High School Reunion

Planning will depend on how big or grand you expect the reunion to be. Definitely, a bigger crowd would require some kind of committee (or maybe even several) to tackle matters like food, drinks, reservations (if in a resort or restaurant) or program (if a bit more formal).

For a mini-reunion though, it's just like calling the gang for a simple get together in a local pub. A networking tool like Facebook or a Yahoo Group definitely facilitates the coordination.

Whatever Happened To... ?

This question eventually comes up when old friends and acquaintances meet together again after a long time. For a 30-year reunion, where classmates are reaching the mid-century age (50!), the discussion invariably shifts to those who have passed away.

And then there's chat about seemingly elusive classmates who cannot be traced or simply refuse to be traced. In other words, after the usual banter on the going's on with everybody present, it's time to talk about classmates who are absent!

And so if you're not there, they'd probably talk about you!

And THAT'S another reason for attending your High School Reunion. Cheers!!!

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