Christmas Past and Present

One of the Christmas traditions at our old house apart from the usual like the hanging of Christmas lights and Noche Buena was to take a picture of the kids by the Christmas tree. And every year (I don't remember since when), I emailed "Christmas Greeting Cards" bearing these photos to friends.

Those "cards" have now turned into Christmas slideshows.

In 2007, I texted this tradition of ours as an Top Ten entry to the The Morning Rush radio program.

The radio hosts, Chico and Delamar were selecting the Top Ten "Unique and Strange Christmas Traditions and Christmas Decors". Guess what, my Christmas Tradition entry landed Top One.

The Story Behind the Christmas Tradition

I suppose most everyone would take a picture by a Christmas tree sometime. I just thought it would be a fine time for me to take a picture of the kids and see how they grew through the years.

We did this after hearing Holy Mass in the first or second week of December. We started being consistent at it when the last sibling, Renz, was born. Hence, the pictures now start in the year 2001 - the year he was born.

Initially (as seen from the first pictures), Che carried Renz. That is, until he became too heavy. =)

After a few years, the kids decided on incorporating a theme for the year's photo. That's why you see the "Aprons" theme, "Santa Hats" theme, "Red Shirts" theme and the like. Our Christmas theme this year is "Plaid Shirts".

It's fun deciding what to wear just to make the Christmas photo just a bit more memorable. Believe it or not, my inspiration for this Christmas tradition came from a photography magazine.

Here's how you can make this Christmas Picture tradition work for you.

Christmas is for Children

Before last year, a couple of friends asked why it's only the kids seen in the pictures. Well, the simple reason really is because our living room was too small!

The Christmas tree in our old house was in a corner and the kids sat in the narra chairs at the sides. I found no space for DH and I to fit in the camera frame.

Christmas really is for children. That's what my dad always said. And kids of course are much cuter to take photos with the Christmas tree.

With the new house a bit bigger, DH and I now stand at the stairs behind the kids. The kids can stand and we can still be seen. I'd rather have them standing than seated.

It's way quicker to take photos that way. Besides, the narra seats are so darn heavy to lug around and position them for picture taking. So there!

Merry Christmas!

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