Dog Look-alike

Today I resumed my morning walks. With the wound of my foot injury healing nicely, I'm guessing it would be wise to be walking for exercise again. Thankfully, the foot obliged and I was able to walk for a longer distance. I'm still limited to a leisurely pace though. Long strides, where the foot takes on more weight at an instant, can still hurt.

It's been a month since my last walk in our subdivision and there have been some changes - new constructions and renovations. The weather too seem to have changed a bit. The sun's up earlier now and it's a bit warmer.

Last month's a bit chillier when we went walking. In one of our morning walks then, we chanced upon this dog sleeping soundly on the hood of a jeepney in the neighborhood.

Was the engine of the jeepney still warm that the dog found irresistible? Or is the hood really the dog's favorite spot? That isn't my dog, by the way. But there is a resemblance.

Here's my dog Poochie in a photo from a recent post.

My dog's a female. The two dogs have the same brown color. This dog, however, seems bigger and appears to be a male.

I suspect this is the dog that my kids always mistake for Poochie. They claim to see the dog look-alike near this area where the jeepney is parked. I've never seen this dog they were referring to, until maybe, now.

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