Fun Run as Physical Education Finals

Yesterday was Che's P.E. class finals and for that, they had a fun run. Che studies at UP Manila but their finals, a couple of laps run, was held at the UP Oval in Diliman.

That's because UP Manila doesn't have its own running oval. Also, since all the Physical Education classes finals were held simultaneously, they needed a much bigger running track.

The UP oval is an ideal place for the venue. In fact there were other runners and many just for fitness exercise.

From the outfits you could discern some were triathlon runners, marathon runners and sports runners. Mostly, though, they were the recreational fitness runners.

There were many runners there but not enough to crowd the running track. Some were triathletes on their time trainer bikes while some folks walked with their dogs. Click on the left image to see the UP Diliman Academic Oval via google maps.

Trivia on the UP Academic Oval

Here's a few trivia (not all certified true):
  1. The Academic Oval is 2.2 kilometers long.
  2. There are 16 humps (or bumps) around the oval.
  3. There are 281 acacia trees lining the oval, 109 on the outer lane and 172 on the inside.

  4. The lampposts on the oval light up at 6 p.m.
  5. The western end of the oval is Kilometer 14 while the eastern end is Kilometer 15.

The UP Manila P.E. students assembled at Palma Hall for the starting line of the fun run. DH, Renz and I sat at the Palma Hall steps and, immediately, Renz started working on the word problems I gave him. Renz is having his fourth periodical exams today.

The Zorro Character at the UP Oval

Che mentioned to me later that, when they were running, there was a person in the other side of the oval who looked like a bum. He looked a bit cleaner though than the usual "taong-grasa". With a mask and a trash bag cape, he looked quite weird.

Some of the new runners were spooked by his presence. Apparently, the guy was harmless and actually cheered the runners. He even gave a pat on the back to Che's friend.

Click on the image on the left to read an article on what I found about this character at the UP oval. Apparently, the guy fancies himself as a local Zorro of some sort.

After two laps around the running oval, that's Che and a friend crossing the finish line. To pass the finals, the students need to complete 2 laps in 45 minutes or less. Che finished it in 41 minutes.

Prior to this run, I gave her a few tips on how to pace herself and not give in to the temptation of sprinting or running too fast at he start. And good thing she followed that bit of advise.

Eventually, she was able to catch up with some of her classmates who sprinted right off the starting line. She was tired after the run but didn't feel too pooped out or light-headed like the rest of the runners.

I thought I heard some of the other students say they were ready to pass out right after reaching the finish line.

After the run, we passed by a local McDo near Tiendesitas for a well-deserved breakfast before going home.

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