More Under the Stair Storage Space Solutions

This is part 2 of a previous post on storage space under the stairs. In that post, I showed how pull-out storage shelving would appear neater than an open storage shelving solution.

This post shows how the space directly under the stair landing was creatively used.

Viewed from the dining room, there is the small door under the stairs. Notice how it is hidden away from view from the living room. When closed, the whole area around the storage space looks neat as seen from the dining room.

When opened, you see that the door actually conceals a big enough storage space for a pantry. Although it could've been a closet or cabinet of some sort, we chose to have it function as a pantry due to its proximity to the dining room and kitchen. Inside this storage space are wooden open shelves of varying heights.

If you look closely, there is actually more space inside on the wall where I can mount some wire frame racks that can securely hold bottles of ketchup, condiments or even wine.

This pantry is around 5 feet high and has ample space inside (it's actually the kids' favorite hiding place). Since it is near the terrace's glass sliding doors (as seen on the left), there's usually enough natural light to illuminate inside of the storage space.

As I mentioned in the previous article, the secret towards keeping storage spaces neat is to have an enclosure of some sort. Enclosed, there is lesser chance of making eyesores out of stuff that typically get dumped inside.

This is especially so when the storage spaces are in or near the living room.

Also, dust doesn't gather on stuff inside the storage space if the storage space is enclosed. Cleaning, therefore, is much easier. I suppose opting for open shelving type may work for other areas but certainly not for this one.

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