No Swim Lessons this Year

But there's no sense not enjoying a day's swim last Saturday at one of our favorite water holes.

After some messy handyman work on fixing PVC door jambs and readjusting kitchen cabinet concealed hinges, the swim was a very much welcomed treat for me. This is especially amidst the sizzling heat of summer.

Early on this summer, the kids have decided to skip for swim lessons. Reasons varied, but for Che it was mainly due to her myringotomy procedure last year. We were in fact cautious of this swim and consulted with her doctor, Dr. Dimacali, who performed the procedure.

He was a bit hesitant at first, preferring Che to swim in a beach rather in a pool due to Che's vulnerability for ear infection. Crowded swimming pools aren't exactly to his liking due to the bacteria floating around. But he relented after giving her instructions to use a nasal spray.

Sandra expressed wanting to do something else (kumon?) while we goaded Renz into learning to ride the bike as his goal for summer. Karen just doesn't want to go by herself and was not keen on it.

In recent memory, I don't recall a year pass by without some or all of the kids taking summer swim lessons. I'd say it was a pretty productive and enjoyable way to spend the summer vacation. The swim lessons kept the kids busy and gave them the opportunity to learn new techniques for a life-saving skill. I certainly hope that their interest to learn more hasn't waned.

Here's the gang enjoying lunch with hotdogs and other meat dishes.

The lap pool, unfortunately wasn't available because the staff were still running the filters to get the greenish water clearer. So the big pool in turn became a bit crowded. Even so, the kids had their chances to practice all their past learnings in swimming.

Che, in particular, has improved on her freestyle. She doesn't crane her neck anymore to raise the head for air. She's using the "cheek-to-shoulder" cue to retrain the way she turns her head and has streamlined her stroke.

Renz had a kick doing some silly tumble turns and showing off to Che his "Rolling Water" and "Free-Back" strokes. I suppose some of the other bigger kids there were a bit envious of his freestyle and backstroke laps.

Suffice it to say that the rest of the crowd was there to really just beat the summer heat.

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