Relayouting the TV and Computer in the Family Room

After plenty of observation and thinking, I finally relayouted the computer table and TV in the family hall. Presently, there are only a couple of major activities happening in the family hall: TV viewing and computer usage.

Computer usage for the kids mean mostly homework and research during school and computer games and social media during vacation.

For me, personally, I still consider this little nook in the family hall as the home office even with this crappy little computer table. Yes, we still share. Afterall, when the kids are in school during the day, I can use the computer for my work.

Originally, the backs of the computer table and the TV were against the wall. So that means the computer user and TV viewers were facing the window. Here is the old layout with the kids milling around the computer table.

Notice in the new position below, the computer table was turned 90 degrees and the TV was moved away from the wall. The TV is almost perpendicular to the computer table.

Why the relayout?

Breeze by the Window and a View

For several days, the heat of summer has been getting worse. Today was the hottest day of the year so far at 37.3. But in our part of the city, there's always a breeze.

That's why it's cool downstairs. Unfortunately, in the family hall upstairs, the breeze that gets through the window doesn't cool anybody.

It comes in sideways and the computer user and those viewing the TV are simply far from the window. By reorienting the computer table as shown above, the computer user is now BY the window, getting cooled by the air coming in. So that's the first reason.

The second reason is for a better view. Shown below is the window view in the old layout (with the window curtains out of the way).

Not too nice. Apart from the blank wall, there are a couple of the neighbor's windows. The sliding window on the right is I believe that of a bathroom or maybe storage while that on the right is a window by their stairs' landing.

So by changing the position of the computer, this is now the view I get. This is also where the wind comes from.

It doesn't seem to be a big deal for the kids, but for me it's a big improvement. The greenery all around, with the trees' branches swaying by the breeze, gives my tired eyes a brief respite.

TV is a Distraction

Since the computer and the TV were facing the same direction in the old layout, the computer user was even able to view the TV while at the computer.

I don't particularly care much about watching TV, and when I moved both TV and computer to the new layout the kids naturally reacted.

But I realized that's another plus for "detaching" the two. I've always complained in the past that the reason the kids can't seem to work quickly on their assignments and lessons on the computer.

It is because there's too much glancing sideways on the TV screen. When the TV's on, especially on the programs they like, it can become quite a distraction.

So, yup, this relayouting in the family hall is a good idea.

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