How to Build the Curling Bar Stand

The previous post discussed the considerations for a weight and dumbbell rack that's made from wood. This post discusses in detail how the Curling Bar Stand is made. This is the part of the weight and dumbbell rack that holds the EZ Curl Bar.

The EZ Curl Bar

The EZ curl bar is a shorter version of the straight barbell that is often used for biceps curls. The curved profile of the bar in the grip region allows the user's wrists and forearms to take a more neutral, less supinated position.

This reduces the risk of repetitive stress injury in these exercises. Aside from the basic Arm Curls, the EZ Curl Bar can be used for Lying Tricep Extensions also known as "Skullcrushers", Close-Grip Bench Press and Upright Rows.

Curling Bar Stand on the Rack

Since the EZ Curl Bar is shorter than the regular straight bar, it could easily fit in the weight and dumbbell rack stand without taking too much space beyond stand's catches.

The stands of the curling bar have a fixed position in the weight and dumbbell rack. The stands are made of 2" x 2" hard wood and are 24" apart. The posts of the stands are 32" high. They are supported at the back by diagonal supports as shown below.

The diagonal supports prevent the rack from toppling over when a loaded EZ Curl Bar is placed on the stand catches.

The supports are 2 1/2" wide and 1" thick. The longest side in the assembled support is 28" long.

Catch Assembly of the EZ Curl Bar Stand

The catch assembly of the Curl Bar Stand is shown below. It is similar to the top catches built for the wooden squat stands.

The catch assembly is made of three parts: the rear restraint, the front restraint and the catch itself.
  1. Rear Restraint - Prevents the EZ curl barbell from falling backwards. It is the longer restraint because it acts as a "stop" for the lifter.

    So when the lifter feels the barbell has touched the rear restraint, this is his cue to safely lower the barbell into the catch. Wood piece is 6" long, 3/4" thick and 2" wide. The actual rear restraint is 3" high (from top of the catch).

  2. Front Restraint - Prevents the barbell from falling to the front. The wood piece is 5" long, 3/4" thick and 2" wide. The actual front restraint is 1" high (from top of the catch).

  3. Catch - Bears the weight of the EZ curl barbell. Unlike the catches made with the wood squat stands, this catch has a groove in the center. The groove prevents the EZ curl bar from rolling, thus making its placement on the stands more stable.

To create the groove, prepare 2 small pieces of wood (1/2" x 1/4" x 2") and position them on top of the stands so they create a groove at the center that is 1" wide. Secure them with wood glue and then hammer them in with very small nails. Take care not to split the wood pieces.

Cut a thin metal sheet to the dimensions of the catch and the groove. Wrap this cut metal sheet on the catch and secure it with small nails (see above). The thin metal sheet strengthens the catch itself and prevents the wood from being chipped and cracked by the EZ Curl Bar.

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