Set Up the Situp Bar

The previous post discussed the considerations for a wooden weight and dumbbell rack. This post discusses in detail the Situp Bar that can be used on the rack.

How to Use the Situp Bar

The A-frame that supports the base board of the dumbbell rack shows the horizontal bar as shown below.

Notice the horizontal member in the "A". This bar is stable enough to keep your body from rocking if you perform situps on a bench. The combined weight of all the plates bearing down on rack is enough counterweight to keep you stable when doing situps.

Simply position a bench in front of the rack and sit on it while facing the rack. Slip your feet under horizontal bar so the feet's instep touch the bottom surface of the bar. You're now ready to perform situps or crunches.

I usually wear shoes for foot protection when working out so the rough and hard surface of the wood does not bother me. However, you could put some padding on the situp bar to add comfort to the exercise.

How to Add a Cushion Pad on the Situp Bar

You only need a little of the these materials, so anything that is scrap is better (than buying).
  • Synthetic material sheet (plastic, rubber etc.) or upholstery
  • Metal sheet
  • Small nails
  • Glue
  • Cushion Foam

  1. Measure the bottom part of the bar and determine the thickness of the padding. Cut the foam accordingly. Glue the cut foam under the situp bar.

  2. Cut a piece of synthetic sheet that is enough to cover the foam AND the wood of the situp bar.

  3. Cut a thin metal strip that is enough to cover the top part of the situp bar.

  4. Wrap the foam and the situp bar snugly with the synthetic sheet. Ensure the edges of the synthetic sheet overlap on top of the situp bar.

  5. Position the thin metal strip on top of the situp bar to cover the overlap. Secure the thin metal strip with small nails.

  6. Cut two smaller thin strips to cover the sides of the synthetic sheet. Secure also with small nails.

The finished cushion pad on the situp bar should look like the one below.

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