Drunk Driving Accident at UP Diliman

Last June 2 was Day 3 of the week for Che's transfer and enrollment. She decided to transfer from UP Manila (BA Development Studies) to UP Diliman (BS Materials Engineering). It being a Wednesday, I couldn't use the car to take Che and DH to Diliman.

Later that evening, I received a call from DH that they'd be very late to come home. She apparently figured in a vehicular accident with them as innocent pedestrians.

Drunk Driving Story

While waiting for a jeepney in Diliman, an Isuzu Elf van suddenly swerved from the road and got on the sidewalk where DH and Che were waiting.
The van grazed DH and she fell on the pavement.

Riding the van were a couple of drunken assh0les. It's a good thing that a lady made a scene and some onlookers helped in stopping the driver flee and calling the university police.

The stupid drunk driver and his equally drunk passenger had money for drinking but no money to cover the x-rays for DH at UP Health Services (Infirmary).

Long story short, they all went to Camp Karingal where the police impounded the drunk driver's van. Bottomline statement by the police was: no money to settle, no release of vehicle.

DH and Che went home very late at around 11pm.

Injuries from the Drunk Driving Incident

Here's a photo of DH's scrape wound or abrasion on her right shoulder.

The following day, June 3, DH went for shoulder x-rays at the Muntinlupa Doctors Clinic (now Alabang Medical). Karen, DH and I then went to UPLB for Karen's enrollment.

Karen was finally admitted to UP Los Banos to take up BS Math and Science Teaching. The sister of the drunk driver kept texting DH to help in releasing the van (yah right, NOW they're talking).

Results of the x-ray said no fractures and the checkup (I.M. doctor) later in the evening requested for more x-rays (neck, spine and pelvis).

Additional X-Rays and Medical Expenses

On June 4, DH had the additional x-rays for the neck, spine and pelvis areas. She has started complaining about some pain in the buttocks area. After her x-rays, I drove DH and Che for Che's enrollment at UP Diliman.

The sister of the drunk driver was insisting on meeting us to release the van, despite DH telling her we were busy the whole day for the enrollment.

Later in the evening, the drunk driver, her sister and a couple of their friends went to the house, purportedly to ask how DH was and to promise to settle the expenses.

DH arrived after getting the results of the additional x-rays. We talked with the visitors and simply told them to wait. By this time, some of the bruises have started to manifest and the medication DH was taking were just pain-relievers.

Here's the bruise that manifested just on the third day since the accident. It's on the inside of the right knee.

DH doesn't remember exactly how everything happened except that she fell to the ground after being hit by the van.

On the following day, Sunday, June 5, DH consulted with another I.M. doctor who told her that the x-rays showed no fractures and a a radio-opaque reading in the x-ray was not related to the injury.

Accident Settlement

Longer story short, later in the afternoon, we finally met with the drunk driver's sister at a nearby mall where she paid DH's medical expenses amounting to Php 2,600. The drunk driver's sister was actually offering more than that, but DH declined.

DH was just thankful (to her lucky stars) that she sustained minor injuries only.

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