Enrollment at UP Los Banos 2010

Last June 3, Karen, DH and I went to the University of the Philippines in Los Banos (UP Los Banos or UPLB) for Karen's enrollment. After a long wait during the summer vacation, Karen was finally admitted to the university with the course BS Math and Science Teaching.

Supposedly, the actual date of enrollment for her was June 4. But upon the advise of Tita Flora to avoid the June 4 surge of enrollees, we enrolled Karen a day before. Well, there were still long queues.

College Requirements Nowadays

Prior to this, both Karen and Poline already submitted their requirements to the university. Tita Flora too went with us.

I'm amazed that it is now becoming a practice for universities to require medical x-rays and dental records from incoming students. During my (and DH's) time many decades ago, neither was required - if I remember correctly, of course.

The only "medical" requirement that was required of me then from my university was when we, the incoming male freshmen were told to unbuckle, unzip and pull down our pants and underwear.

This was done in batches of 5 students at a time at the doctor's office. Each of us were told to cough, one after the other. This was presumably for the doctor to know who has hernia and can be exempted from ROTC (college military training) or PE (Physical Education).

Funny, the doctor even had a card with the word "COUGH" spelled out. I suppose this was to ensure we did the right thing and no one would mishear the word "cough" (cup?, cuff?, puff?, cop?, cock?).

Anyway, even with DH's injury at UP Diliman yesterday, she managed to advise and accompany Karen to all the major steps in the enrollment process. Long lines, notwithstanding, I was surprised that Karen's enrollment was over before lunch.

Brief Look at Accommodations

We took the opportunity to go to Karen's boarding house which was managed by Tita Annie. Tita Annie was at work though and so we met Tita Susan, the caretaker.

Karen slot was moved in to her Munsci batchmates' room. To do that, another bed will have to be taken up into the room (the room is in the second floor). We saw the bed.

It's the usual steel bunk bed with metal springs. We had the carpenter, Oyet, measure the bunk bed's dimensions (190 cm x 90 cm) so we would know the foam mattress to get for Karen.

We also had him measure the clearance underneath the bed (13") so we'd know the kind of stuff that would fit in there.

So far, only the girl from San Pablo already had her mattress positioned in one of the wooden bunk beds. There are 2 wooden double-deck beds (totaling 4) there. So one steel bed for Karen and they'd be 5 in there.

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