Shortcut to Los Banos, Laguna

One of the nice things about living (and working) in the South of Metro Manila is access to the hot springs resorts in the Pansol and Los Banos areas of Laguna.

In over two decades of living here in the South, I've gone to many swimming pools and resorts too numerous to count. And in those many instances, we've always taken a shortcut going to Pansol, Laguna. This is assuming of course you're going there via private transportation.

This is the shortcut that bypasses the Calamba Crossing Junction where there's often a traffic snarl especially during the weekends. During weekends, you see, the Pansol and Los Banos resorts beckons.

This is for the Karaoke-singing office crowds who frequent the resorts for overnight swimming, parties, etc. Along the way, there are also a few men flashing the "Private Pool" sign, just in case you have no reservation and are looking for a pool in the area.

In the past, only a few knew of this shortcut because there were no signs saying that it was an alternate route to Los Banos. You could also take this route if you're only headed for Pansol - also known as the Resort Capital of Calamba.

Recently though, there have been a few signs that have been put up to indicate this shortcut. Scribbled on the signs are the words, "To Los Banos". They aren't big enough though and may easily be missed if you're driving fast or it's too dark.

Directions for the Shortcut to Los Banos
  • The only crucial part to taking the shortcut is knowing where it starts. After exiting from the Calamba (Turbina) Exit, take the right lane of the road, known as Real Road.

  • You will pass by the main gate of the LISP 2 (Light Industry and Science Park). This gate is on the right side of the road. At this point, slow down as you'll soon see a fork in the road ahead.

    The main road ahead continues as Real Road while the right leads to Morales Resort.

  • Take the road that's going to the right. There might be a small sign here indicating "To Los Banos".

  • Follow the trail of light vehicles that are on this one-way narrow road. You'll pass by the Real Elementary School on the right. The narrow road will then turn into a wider two-way road.

  • There are a few gardens on the left side of the two-way road. Eventually, you'll pass by the following landmarks on the right side of the road: NYK Logistics, Nalco Philippines and the sprawling compound of Calamba City Hall.

    Across the Calamba City Hall is a park with the largest statue of Dr. Jose Rizal.

  • You'll reach a railroad crossing, and then a major intersection with a stoplight called Halang Junction, and from here, turn right. You are now in the National Highway that leads to Pansol and Los Banos.

The map below shows the shortcut route in red.(Click on the image below to enlarge.)

If you're headed to UPLB (University of the Philippines, Los Banos), there's another lesser known shortcut to UPLB.

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