Tip to Prevent Dumbbells from Rolling

Ever had dumbbells or barbells roll away the moment you set them down on the floor? Of course for dumbbells I'm referring to those that use the regular round weight plates.

After several sets of exhausting weight exercises, the last thing you want to do is to chase these runaway dumbbells and bring them back to where you use them.

It is not only annoying and time-consuming, these runaway dumbbells and barbells could pose a safety risk to others who might be working out nearby.

So what do you do to keep them from rolling away? Return them immediately on the rack? Get a spare plate and lay it on the floor to block the dumbbell?

Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles

Shown below are a couple (more if you need them) of interlocking rubber floor tiles I bought from the hardware store. These are about $1 a piece.

These rubber floor tiles have tabs that allow them to interlock at the edges. The above photo shows two tiles interlocked.

They're made of heavy duty rubber and measure 1' x 1'. They're typically used where the flooring gets wet but requires traction.

Simple Solution to Prevent Runaway Dumbbells

Invert the tiles so the top surface is now at the bottom. By inverting the rubber floor tile, you're exposing the rough grooved side. The rough grooves will hold the dumbbell or barbell weight plates in place, much like the old egg cartons that hold eggs in place.

Shown below are two inverted tiles that hold two plate-loaded dumbbells quite nicely.

Advantages of Using These Tiles
  • These are quite handy, portable and easily stored away.
  • They're made of durable rubber and can prevent damage to your floor.
  • You could use several and easily join them together using their interlocking tabs.
  • They're washable and don't rust.
  • They're cheap.

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