UP Los Banos Boarding House Sendoff

With Karen's enrollment all completed, it was time to settle her in her boarding house. Yes, this will be her home away from home for the next few months, although technically, she'd still be coming home every weekend.

This is the boarding house where Karen will be staying.

After getting the measurements of the steel bunk bed reserved for Karen when we enrolled her, we prepared to bring her foam mattress at home because it would fit on that bunk bed.

We also bought her a small fan to keep her a bit comfortable. Karen prepared all her stuff.

Mix-up on Accommodations

What we were not prepared for however was seeing the solo steel bunk bed taken by another girl. Apparently, there was a bit of misunderstanding or miscommunication as to who gets the solo bed. The girl moved into the boarding house earlier and took the solo bed.

I simply maintained and stood by my ground when we went there that the solo bed was reserved for Karen. Although the other 4 girls have reserved earlier, they reserved for the slots available at that time - which were the 4 beds from the 2 wooden double-decks.

We specifically requested for the additional solo bed for Karen and already took measurements of it the day we requested it.

Better Reservation Policies

Anyway, long story short, with everybody's consent, we positioned Karen's foam mattress on the solo bed. The other girls, with the help of Tita Annie and Tita Susan were able to sort out things amicably.

I suppose these kind of mix-ups pretty much happen many times especially if potential boarders talk to different folks (caretaker, owner, manager) at the same time without a central authority saying which slot goes to whom.

Maybe an updated list (name of boarders and assigned or available beds) that is posted per room is a good idea. This way, there's always a updated chart or sheet that can be referred to - a simple reservation system, if you will.

Life at the Boarding House

This is the 5 girls' room. There are a couple of wooden double-deck beds for the 4 while Karen stays on the solo steel bed where she's seated.

That's Poline and Trixa, Karen's roommates. They even have a big cabinet for some of their stuff.

On food, the girls have the option of eating at the boarding house. The caretaker prepares meals for the boarders. So meals will be served to those who ask for it in advance.

The nice thing about this arrangement is that boarders don't need to go out to eats or buy meals. It's very convenient as they can eat, breakfast and dinner especially, right at "home".

Food cost is reasonable. Payment is flexible and can be settled at the end of the month.

This is the spacious veranda near the girls' room. Behind it are clotheslines where the girls could hang their laundry.

Karen won't have much laundry to hang though because she'd be bringing home most of her laundry on the weekends - pretty much what I used to do when I was staying at a boarding house at Moldez.

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Anonymous said...

hello! may i ask how much was the monthly rental here? i'm attending a summer class at UPLB two weeks from now. I hope you can help me. thanks