Father's Day Celebration and More

This was really long overdue. And no, it isn't just Father's Day celebration.

I've promised the kids pizza many weeks ago to celebrate their academic successes. But with the enrollment to new schools this year and having Karen settled, we were simply too busy.

What we Celebrated:

  1. Che's Getting the Acceptance Letter to UP Diliman

    With Che taking an advanced math subject last summer, she'd have a better chance in transferring to the course B.S. Materials Engineering at UP Diliman. But she was still undecided though even after submitting the admission requirements for transfer.

    Well, the good news is that after a long wait, the acceptance letter finally came and it was to her favor. She was allowed to enroll in the MME Department (Materials, Metallurgical and Mining Engineering).

  2. Karen's Admission to UP Los Banos

    We submitted a letter of reconsideration to UP Los Banos. After a couple postings from a classmate, she was unsure of her admission because her name was absent from either list.

    It was only at the latter part of summer when some of her ex-classmates have already enrolled that she was reconsidered with the course B.S. Math and Science Teaching (BS MST). Remarkably, her enrollment at UPLB breezed through without major hitches, compared to UP Diliman.

  3. Renz's Admission to Southernside Montessori School

    Renz took the entrance test at SMS for Grade 3. We thought it be best to have him be in the same school with Ate Dada. All his 3 sisters left Infant Jesus Montessori Center (IJMC) at Grade 3.

    He seemed confident and nonchalant when he took the entrance exam and so I thought it was a bit funny and cute when he expressed some nervousness when he and DH went to SMS for the results of his entrance test.

  4. Sandra's Finishing Top 6 in Southernside Montessori School

    I thought it was a strong finish for Sandra to be top 10 considering she was a transferee. We were already amazed when she was transferred to the star section (Talisay to Yakal), right in the middle of the school year last year at the second grading period.

    It was a nice present for her birthday last year.

There's really so much more that we're thankful for and that includes DH's recovery from minor injuries at the accident in UP Diliman.

We were lucky to be early at Pizza Hut in SM Southmall. There was no queue at the entrance and there were still available tables.

But that soon changed as it became a bit noisier with the entry of more customers. We enjoyed the pizzas nonetheless. Personally, I thought the noisy crowd gave a festive atmosphere with the waiters and supervisors all busy.

It must've been a hectic Father's Day for the restaurant staff. I didn't mind the crowd and the noise because we only do this occasionally, anyway.

Here, we just finished the Pizza Hut's Stuffed Crust Meat Lover's Pizza. I thought the sausage in the crust was a bit sour though. We were already a bit full, but then we still have the Cheesy Star Pops Veggies Pizza (shown below) to go.

By the time we left, I glanced at the Pizza Hut entrance and notice families, presumably there for Father's Day celebration, waiting to be seated.

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