Happy Birthday Karen 2010

Right after the Pizza Pigout Celebration for Father's Day, we celebrated Karen's Birthday later in the evening.

As we were still reeling from pizza overdose, we had a simpler fare that night: spaghetti (c/o Makati), barbecues and cake (Rocky Road again?). Also, Karen received a nice new watch as a present from us - a Ladies Timex Indiglo!

Here's the gang with Renz and his "sad dopey face". He wasn't so quick to flash his "hungry alien face" this time.

This year would be quite memorable for Karen with her moving to college. Living away at a week's time at the boarding house on campus virtually spells "a new life".

There's the new surroundings, new faces, friends, classmates and teachers at school. At the boarding house there's the new room, bed, rules (curfew hours!) and the folks she'll be living with.

Yet she's adjusting to college life slowly but surely. There have been a few incidents where she felt lost literally - and frustrated, what with the huge campus and long walking distance.

She also completely missed her Biology class once because she hasn't yet memorized her schedule.

But she'll bounce back.

The saving grace is she has former classmates in high school as her roommates. So that should give her some moral support day to day.

That'll be adequate to tide her over at least for her first year. Hopefully, her new watch too will somehow keep her in time with her new activities.

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