Ballroom Dancing for Health and Enjoyment

How many times have you heard this? "The more you enjoy doing something, the more you'd want to do it."

For many who are looking to get fit, the dance floor offers an exhilarating alternative to the drudgery of the gym, and experts say sticking to an exercise regime is EASIER WHEN IT'S NOT A CHORE.

Contrary to local belief of many young ones today, ballroom dancing isn't (and shouldn't) be associated with aging couples just wanting to get a form of exercise.

Depending on the step, ballroom dancing can burn anywhere from 250 calories to 400 calories an hour about the same as a brisk half-hour walk on a treadmill. That's good exercise without the risk of accidents on a treadmill, whether serious or hilarious.

Motivation to Dance

Ballroom dancing's appeal to me wasn't only in its health benefits. For me, it is a great skill to learn and dancing is simply good clean fun.

Back in the days when I was at my old office, our department had its share of ladies who wanted to ballroom dance. This was the Finance department where, typically, there are more females than males.

And in that situation, the guy who has ballroom dancing skills, no matter how little, is popular with the ladies.

I remember never having problems asking my female colleagues to dance because I was the only one who could. Not that I was an expert, by the way, but my dance skills were enough to get by with basic Chacha, Swing (or Hustle or Discofox), Boogie (a local form danced to Jive music).

I did get good enough, however, that I was even asked to judge a dance contest. Anyway, by the time the Finance party nights were over, I was just pooped but still energized because we had such a great time.

This is me and my partner, Angie, performing a swing dance number in one of the company's big events held at a reserved theater at SM Southmall.

Ballroom Dance Fads

This was in the late 90's when ballroom dancing was on an upsurge and the DI's (local term for Dance Instructors) were having their heyday.

If there's one thing that I notice about dance fads and ballroom dancing, it is this. Ballroom dancing doesn't really die. It fades away after some time, maybe five years, and then cycles back in again.

I suppose events and competitions like Dancesport or Ballroom Dance Olympics will continually fuel this interest.

Adding to the attraction in the past were local TV Ballroom Dance shows like "Dance Upon A Time" and then later, "EZ Dancing". In recent years, pop culture hits like "Dancing with the Stars" and "Shall we Dance?" have been on television.

Ballroom dancing is a skill worth learning. In reality, it doesn't go out of fashion. It just comes and goes and, thankfully, comes back again.

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