Birthday 2010

My birthday celebration this year was a day late. This is because the actual date coincided with the Grand Reunion which DH and I attended.

The reunion finished at 5pm. By that time, according to DH, there was limited selection of cakes to choose from in bakeshops like Red Ribbon.

The food from Leslie's restaurant was aplenty and we were just full. I was able to get a second serving (no more rice!) just before the buffet table closed at 3pm. Luckily, there were plenty of fruit juices to wash all the food down.

Aches and Pains

The following day was Local Barangay Elections day and we did go out to vote. I wasn't feeling too well though since we got back from the reunion.

My tummy ached and my legs were sore. I suspected getting some kind of a flu.

There was a big crowd at the reunion and I was shaking hands with almost everyone I met. Given that, I thought I might have contracted a virus.

DH felt otherwise. She said I just ate too much. :( And that my tummy wasn't just accustomed to posh delicious restaurant food! Oh really now. We did buy a Red Ribbon cake (Cookies and Cream) for my birthday and DH prepared spaghetti.

Renz's Birthday Gift

Renz found time to do a bit of artwork in his birthday card for me.

And his card opens with a pop-up thingy inside!

According to Sandra, the stick figure at the right is a picture of me vomitting. Renz insists it's me blowing my birthday cake, with him as the little stick figure behind me. Thanx, Renz.

What's this, a toy for my birthday?

Hmmm. This kind of reminds me of another toy last Father's Day. :)

Girls' Birthday Gift

I didn't get to eat much at dinner because I wasn't still feeling well. So I drank plenty of grape flavored Gatorade instead. (see my glass in the "wacky" photo below)

The girls gave me a nice green T-shirt for my birthday which I'm wearing in the above picture. Hoping the dollar sign on the shirt would prove to be good omen.

Initially, they bought a shirt which was sized Medium. They probably thought I was slimmer than I really am! Wow, really?

DH returned the shirt and exchanged it for a size Large. The shop at the nearby mall exchanged the shirt with no questions.

Their only policy was that a shirt can only be returned and exchanged ONCE. Fair enough, because the shirt fit well. Thank you, girls for the gift!

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arGlene said...

Belated happy birthday Sir BD. That's so sweet of Renz to make something like that for you. :)

Blackdove said...

Yup! The girls also had that phase in their lives when they were younger. Ah, how time flies!