All Souls Day 2010

As in the previous years' All Souls Day in 2009 and 2007, I was looking forward for some outdoor exercise with the frisbee at the memorial park. It isn't everyday that all the kids are around in an outdoor setting, so we might as well engage in some healthy activities with plenty of sunshine.

I noticed them to be lethargic lately so I suppose some frisbee throwing, catching and heart-pumping running would bring about some energy.

There aren't much people on Nov. 2 compared to Nov. 1, so there were fewer folks to annoy (or hit!) with the frisbee. The park isn't as busy and so we had plenty of space.

Even All Saints Day this year wasn't as crowded. It's good too that it didn't rain when we were there. It rained in the past few days and so there was a bit of mud.

Just Us at the Garden of Memories Memorial Park

This will be the first time that my in-laws wouldn't be joining us at the Garden of Memories memorial park. My mother-in-law was recently operated for a hip and wrist injury and is still recovering at home.

She is still undergoing physical therapy sessions at the Makati Medical Center. Presently, she needs the all attention she can get to help her move around and do basic activities.

The drive to the memorial park was largely uneventful. We took Kalayaan Avenue (which becomes San Guillermo) from C-5 to go there. It was much easier to park this year because, there were generally fewer people at the cemeteries.

Maybe it was because of the recent holidays from the Local Barangay Elections that folks have already trooped to the provinces and cemeteries.

More Food Stalls this Year

Surprisingly, I noticed more food stalls this year. DH joked that there may have been too few in the past years. She recalls that when the kids wanted to buy food or snacks, they were often turned away by the food stalls because there was no more.

Here's Che and Renz buying Ice Scramble at one of the food stalls.

The above road is at the perimeter of the memorial park and beyond it are condominum buildings. Traditionaly, this road was used for parking vehicles or reserved for portalets (portable toilets). Now, there were around 6 different food stalls put up along this perimeter road.

There were a couple of stalls that were already packing up when we were there. In fact, Che and Renz were given free toppings for their Ice Scramble simply because the owners were on their last day and were disposing some of their supplies.

Hollow Frisbee Throwing and Catching

Finally, some action from the gang. This year, we didn't bring the old frisbee discs. DH and I bought these new hollow frisbees called Astroflyers. They're made of soft rubber unlike the traditional frisbees manufactured with hard plastic.

The interior of the Astroflyer is essentially hollow and the frisbee looks like a ring. Supposedly, the hole allows the wind to keep the frisbee in the air for a long time.

I didn't notice that though. The hollow frisbee isn't as stable as the regular disc. It could easily twist and change direction in flight.

Maybe I was doing it wrong. For long throwing distances, I still like the solid and heavier conventional frisbees.

Getting ready for a throw, Renz looks thin in this picture.

Notice Sandra sitting on a stool. This used to be a wire spool which I turned into an inexpensive homemade stool. This is one of my projects done lately, along with the homemade rat dish.

Here's an action shot of me catching the hollow frisbee.

After a few more throws with the frisbee, the gang packed up at around 11 am and headed for Makati to visit my in-laws.

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